How to Care for your Chocolate

Cha Cha Chocolate How to Care for your Chocolate


Follow these simple steps when storing your chocolate! 


Chocolate is quite sensitive to temperature and humidity, so it's essential to store it properly. Find a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight, ideally with a temperature between 15 and 20°C (59 and 68°F).

Drastic temperature changes can lead to "chocolate shock" or blooming, where the fats in the chocolate rise to the surface, resulting in a whitish appearance. While bloomed chocolate is still safe to enjoy, it may affect its taste and texture.

When you're on the go, use a cooler bag or a thermal container with ice packs, making sure to seal them in a plastic bag. This will protect your chocolates from moisture damage. Remember, even on a cool day, avoid leaving your chocolates in a parked car.


If you live in a hot climate without air conditioning, it's important to take extra precautions to prevent your chocolate from melting. Here's how you can refrigerate your chocolate properly:

First, double-wrap your chocolates in an airtight freezer bag to protect them from moisture and odours. Next, find the warmest part of your refrigerator and place the wrapped chocolates there. This will ensure they stay cool without being exposed to excessively low temperatures.

When it's time to enjoy your chocolate, remember that it tastes best when eaten at room temperature. So, before unwrapping, allow the refrigerated chocolates to gradually come to room temperature. This gradual thawing process helps minimize the risk of blooming, which can affect the appearance and texture of the chocolate.

Keep in mind that cocoa butter easily absorbs odours, so it's crucial to store your chocolate away from strong-smelling items such as garlic, spices, or scented soaps. These fragrances can permeate the chocolate and alter its taste.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your chocolate in optimal condition, ensuring a delightful and satisfying chocolate experience.