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Coney Island Classics Butter Me Up Kettle Corn

Coney Island Classics Butter Me Up Kettle Corn

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Brooklyn’s Coney Island Classics feel that ‘Food, like love, is better when shared’ .

And we could agree more, especially when it comes to their scrumptious assortment of flavoured popcorn. Moreish and delicious, their famous Kettle Corn is made the traditional old-fashioned Boardwalk way, in small copper kettles, seasoned to perfection.

Whether you are known to devour food gracefully or demolish it with gusto and speed, do your tastebuds a favour and try one of their mouth-watering flavours. There’s Sweet and Sea Salty, Butter Me Up, Smokin’ Bar-B-Q, and Roasted Jalapeno all given a modern twist with the addition of Himalayan Pink Salt. Yummo!

Butter Me Up Kettle Corn features:

  • Made in Brooklyn, USA.
  • Scrumptious flavoured popcorn, this is the perfect healthy snack for an indulgent night in or to share with the closest of friends.
  • 100% natural wholegrain snacks.
  • Vegan friendly (even the Butter Me Up flavour, which us made with non-dairy butter!)
  • Gluten Free and Nut free.

Weight: 141.7g.